The Disney princesses who were entitled to their live version


Disney continues to produce remakes of its animated films with real actors and actresses. Find all the princesses who have already benefited from a live action adaptation, and the actresses who embody them.

From Jasmine to Ariel to Belle and Snow White, discover the Disney Princesses who have benefited from a live-action movie and have seen their animated features come true. Already seven actresses have lent their faces to these heroines who made the heyday of Disney studio animation.

Snow White

Marc Webb

Rachel Zegler

Rachel Zegler is Snow White


All her films are to be released at the time of these lines, but Rachel Zegler will follow three expected films, from West Side Story by Steven Spielberg (she stood out among 30,000 candidates) to Shazam 2 (inspired by DC Comics) and therefore soon Snow White. The Colombian-American actress is also a singer-songwriter and you can find her songs on her Youtube channel.

Yifei Liu is Mulan


Chinese actress Yifei Liu began her career in 2002 when she was just 15 years old. She became known thanks to the Forbidden Kingdom then The Assassins and Crusades. Her popularity exploded when she was chosen to play Mulan, to whom she brought all her experience of action cinema to bring this warrior in the making to life.

Naomi Scott is Jasmine


Naomi Scott started her career at Disney (the series Life Bites), it made sense for her to return to the motherhouse, this time to put her singing skills to the service of Jasmine in Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin. She has since appeared in the cast of Charlie’s Angels, the drama series Soft Voice and the SF movie Distant.

Elle Fanning is Aurore


In Maleficent and Maleficent 2, Elle Fanning lends her features to the blonde Aurora, a character born in Sleeping Beauty. These two films explore the past of Maleficent, the terrible witch, explaining why she has become so cruel, and her complicated relationship with Princess Aurora. While not yet 25, Elle Fanning already has a rich long filmography of over 40 films.

Lily James is Cinderella


The first actress to have wiped the plaster of a Disney animated film transformed into live shots, Lily James put on Cinderella’s shoes in an adaptation released in 2015. Like most of her sisters, James herself interpreted the songs from the movie, including the famous Tender dream.

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