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For “The Devil Wears Prada”, actress Emily Blunt (who plays Meryl Streep’s assistant) was offered the role by chance, when she had come to spend a different casting.

Twentieth Century Fox

After recruiting his two heroines (Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep), The Devil Wears Prada had to find his “Emily”, the one who would play the odious assistant of Miranda Priestly. And she was found … by chance.

Over 100 actresses were considered for this role, and it was Emily Blunt who won the award. At the time, the actress was only seen in peplum productions that everyone has forgotten: Legions, the warriors of Rome and the mini-series Empire.

After finishing My Summer of Love (2004), which got her a little more attention, here she is running the castings in Hollywood. One day, she travels from London to the Fox studio in Los Angeles to once again discuss a role she is seeking, that of the leading female role of Eragon, a production fantasy.

It was during one of these meetings, although intended to talk about Eragon, that he was offered an audition for The devil wears Prada. While the character is American, the actress speaks with her most natural English accent, and director David Frankel is thrilled with this essay.

Twentieth Century Fox

Emily Blunt (Emily) in “The Devil Wears Prada”

Only there you go, Blunt applied to Eragon, and the film has priority: if she is hired for the adventure film, Frankel will have to give up having her for Prada. Fortunately for him, Stefen Fangmeier, director ofEragon, chooses someone else, and Frankel calls back Emily Blunt, who has since returned to London.

After a second audition with clothes conforming to the character (she wore jeans and slides during the premiere), Emily Blunt gets the part, and she will put all her talent to make herself insufferable and arrogant for the needs of the role.

After Prada, she multiplies the appearances with the cinema in supporting role before leading the horror film Wind Chill (2007) then to interpret the role of Queen Victoria in … Victoria (2009).

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