The DCU saved by a much-loved MCU director?

The DCU saved by a much-loved MCU director?

DC wants to imitate Marvel for its MCU and especially wants its own Kevin Feige. That is to say a thinking head allowing to unify the projects to create a coherent DCU while remaining interesting for the fans. For this perilous mission, DC has chosen two well-known names.

The DCU in the hands of new management

So DC Films, which is transforming for the occasion into DC Studios, has just appointed James Gunn and Peter Safran at its head to turn the DCU upside down. The two men are respectively co-presidents and co-creative directors to evolve the brand on the small and big screen. Gunn is best known for his work on The Suicide Squad (DC) and Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel). Peter Safran is a producer with experience in the “-verse” since he notably officiated in this place on the Conjuring-Verse (Annabelle, La Nonne, Les Dossiers Warren, etc). It remains to be seen if the DCU will have as much success and consistency as this horrifying saga.

According the Hollywood Reporterr, Gunn signed to a four-year contract for a DC exclusive. We are therefore not likely to see him on a Marvel film anytime soon. Especially since there is a good chance that his contract will continue after this period.

It is therefore the beginning of a whole new era for the DCU and hopefully the beginning of a great success like the MCU.
What do you personally want from a cohesive cinematic DC Universe?

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