The Day Before : the The Division crossover of The Last of Us is out

The Day Before : the The Division crossover of The Last of Us is out

Announced quite a while ago, the intriguing The Day Beforea sort of cross between The Division and The Last of Us, has once again shown itself during a technology showcase at Nvidia. Two years ago, with a simple demonstration of 5 minutes, The Day Before had exploded the hype of thousands of players, so much so that it will even become the most “wishlisted” game of Steam shortly after. But since then, it’s almost a desert.

The Day Before share some gameplay

It must be said that the proposal to browse a post-apocalyptic MMO in an open world has something to charm, even more when the game looks like two big hits like The Last of Us and The Division. However, over the months, the hype gradually waned. Between a postponement of almost a year, recruitment of dubious volunteers and the complete failure of Propnight (a homemade Dead By Daylight), fans grew suspicious and the soufflé fell almost as fast as it rose. What is it really worth? The Day Before ?

Well that we don’t know at all, but we should have the clear heart soon, since the latest news, The Day Before is expected for the beginning of March on PS5, Xbox Series and pc. The game will run under Unreal Engine 5 and will obviously be able to take advantage of the latest technologies from Nvidia, such as DLSS and ray tracing. Now all we have to do is see what he has in his stomach.

For now, the latest gameplay presentation does not teach us much and roughly repeats what we had already seen before. Namely a bit of exploration and a lot of gunfights. To be continued.

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