The Callisto Protocol : unplayable on PC, the game is destroyed

The Callisto Protocol : unplayable on PC, the game is destroyed

Available from this Friday, December 2, The Callisto Protocol received a generally good reception from the press and even players, except on PC where the latter is completely destroyed.

The Callisto Protocolhorror, the real one is on PC

On Steam for example, with over 3,500 reviews, the game’s rating is currently “mostly negative”. Many users note that the optimization of the game is a real disaster. Violent framerate drops, recurring stuttering, config pushed to the limit… nothing is right.

Anger is brewing and the players have already found the culprits. According to them, there would currently be no optimization with Nvidia graphics cards (a patch should arrive shortly) and the famous Denuvo DRM would once again be at fault. The latter is indeed the real pet peeve of a whole bunch of players.
It has already been proven to be responsible for countless bugs or performance issues in games like Resident Evil Village for example.
While the studio was still talking this morning about the future of the Callisto Protocol by unveiling free DLCs and a roadmap for 2023, players are currently only asking for one thing: patches, and fast.

The benchmarks speak for themselves

On consoles, on the other hand, whether on PS5, Xbox SeriesPS4 or Xbox One, The Callisto Protocol is doing well. Evidenced by the few comparisons already available here and there as at DigitalFoundry for example. The latter, renowned in the field, claim for example that the game holds its 30 or 60 fps perfectly (depending on the graphics mode chosen) and the loading times seem correct.
On the other hand, the various benchmarks they were able to do show that there are major optimization concerns on PC as felt by most players. Some other specialists, as on the site Wccftech, even reveal that the in-game benchmark finds a way to drop below 10 fps with a big PC. A shame.
Hoping that the studio reacts quickly by deploying patches in the coming days.

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