The Callisto Protocol : the studio does not believe in Xbox Game Pass

The Callisto Protocol : the studio does not believe in Xbox Game Pass

During Gamescom 2022, the site True Achievements was able to chat with Mark James, chief technology officer of Striking Distance Studios, the developers of The Callisto Protocol. And more particularly their vision of the Xbox Game Pass for their game. If it has to be done, it is clearly not for the launch or in the medium term.

The Callisto Protocol not suitable for Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass is not for everyone and not for The Callisto Protocol apparently. Mark James, chief technology officer, is not convinced of the viability of this kind of subscription service for a single player game like that of his studio.

I consider these services to be designed for open world games and repetitive multiplayer games. I believe that these games survive well on this service. Microsoft offers its own single-player games in the service, and I believe the platform-holding studios will offer single-player games in the service; I’m just saying that for an independent studio, this financial model is difficult to make work. I think you’re going to see single player games, but it’s probably going to come from builders.

As an independent third-party studio, it’s really difficult to get a linear third-person game to work within these services. I’m not saying it will never be the case, but it’s complicated financially.

Mark James still leaves the door open. When sales have stagnated, it is not excluded to see the studio make a deal with Microsoft to put butter in the spinach.

shared doubts

This is far from the first time that professionals – but also players – have raised this concern. Especially since The Callisto Protocol is not a low-budget indie title. But a AAA expensive to produce that needs a real return on investment. Shawn Layden, former boss of PlayStation, had also explained that with the cost of the games, it was not reasonable to offer them at the exit in a cheap subscription.

And the same story for Jim Ryan, the new CEO and President of Sony Interactive Entertainment. “The level of investment we need for our studios would be affected, as would the quality of the games, and we believe that is not what gamers want” he said.

For now, the logic of Xbox Game Pass and any other service that would have the same benefits, is to grow the number of subscribers at all costs. It goes through in-house content and deals with publishers so that the games land on the platform. It is ultimately the operation of Netflix, which did not look at the expense to accumulate subscriptions, but which plunges today despite its 220.67 million subscribers. The Xbox Game Pass had more than 25 million subscribers last January. The future will tell whether or not this system can take over the traditional consumption of video games.

The Callisto Protocolthe rival of Dead Space, will be released on December 2, 2022 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

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