The Callisto Protocol : the benchmark rating of the game displeases the shareholders

The Callisto Protocol : the benchmark rating of the game displeases the shareholders

The tests of The Callisto Protocol have fallen. Press returns that do not suit Krafton investors (PUBG). The group was sanctioned.

The Callisto Protocol is available from today on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. A survival-horror that we really liked in writing. But now, the overall test score is insufficient for some.

The studio punished because of the Metacritic of The Callisto Protocol

With 44 professional reviews published at the time of this writing, The Callisto Protocol garners a rating of 76 on Metacritic. The aggregator of benchmark evaluations that group together all the press tests to generate an average. A score that allows him to be in the green, and therefore to be recommendable, but that is not enough.

Investors in Krafton, the parent company of PUBG who runs several studios including Striking Distance Studios, obviously expected more, much more. As analyst Dr Serkan Toto points out, shareholders may have been hoping for a tidal wave with The Callisto Protocol. The action of Krafton has therefore unscrewed and fell by 8.41% on the Korean stock exchange in Seoul.

Proof that Metacritic really makes rain and shine. For example, you should also know that bonuses are paid to developers based on the average obtained. It is an extremely important indicator scrutinized by manufacturers and publishers. The Callisto Protocol in fact the costs despite a fairly good average.

On PC, the launch is currently very complicated with a version that goes wrong, but the teams are on the spot. Despite a paid season pass, the game will also have free DLCs including a Hardcore mode.

Have you got your hands on the title? If yes, what do you think? Tell us everything comments.

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