The Callisto Protocol : free DLC and a ton of content announced

The Callisto Protocol : free DLC and a ton of content announced

In space, no one will hear you scream, butcher, die, vomit… but the game hopes to hear you scream with joy to see that The Callisto Protocol is already planning content for the coming months, including free DLC.

The Callisto Protocol wants to please its players

While the game has just been released on PS5, Xbox SeriesPC, PS4 and Xbox One, the developers have already shared a small roadmap to give us an overview of the next six months.
Whereas The Callisto Protocol had created controversy by announcing a paid difficulty mode accompanied by exclusive kills, the new roadmap announces good news. The game will eventually offer at least two free DLCs.

One will add a New Game + mode to redo the game while keeping its bonuses and the other will bring a “Hardcore” difficulty mode for the most daring players. These two additions will arrive free of charge for all players from February 7, 2023. As a bonus, Season Pass owners will be entitled to several exclusive DLCs.

  • February 7, 2023 – A collection of skins to change your style a bit
  • March 2023 – The Contagion bundle including an extreme difficulty mode with final death and more
  • Spring 2023 – The Riot bundle, which we don’t know yet… not much
  • Summer 2023 – A narrative DLC to plunge back into the nightmare

For now, The Callisto Protocol will therefore be entitled to six months of free and paid DLC after its release. Nothing says that others will arrive later, except if perhaps the game is a hit, and that, only the future will tell. However, it may well be that the spiritual brother of Dead Space has it under his belt, since overall, the feedback from the press is rather good, as with us where the software received a nice little note with our test. Now it remains to be seen whether players will respond to the appointment and enjoy the trip to Jupiter’s moon.

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