The Boys : the first two images of season 4 unveiled. It promises !

The Boys : the first two images of season 4 unveiled. It promises !

Season 4 of The Boys finally unveils its first official images. The focus is on two new characters who are presented to us as completely crazy.

Season 4 of The Boys began filming. Homelander, Butcher and the whole troop are ready to return to service. They will be accompanied by new faces, including one of the iconic actors of The Walking Dead. Amazon Prime has unveiled the first two images of two new recruits, with an actress well known to PlayStation players.

First images of season 4 of The Boys

Two new heroines join the ranks of The Boys for season 4. Susan Heyward known for her role as guardian in Orange is the New Black and Valorie Curry aka Kara in Detroit Become Human will take on the costumes of Sister Sage and Firecracker respectively. The first would be able to have thousand strokes ahead on his enemies thanks to his speed or his intelligence. The second should have a power based on explosives or fire. Two new characters that we are promised as completely crazy and horrible and who are officially revealed with two images.

In the columns of VarietyEric Kripke in charge of The Boys, continued his teaser. Asked about the fate of Soldier Boy, the screenwriter said: “ The old adage in TV is never, ever kill a character unless you have to. Never close a door, open a window. A sentence that can also be applied to Stan Edgar, the ex-president of Vought played by Giancarlo Esposito (Far Cry 6, Breaking Bad). The actor also hinted at his return with a tweet. ” It’s been a long time since Stan Edgar graced your screens wrote the actor. So we just have to wait for the release of season 4 of The Boys planned for the current 2023 in order to be fixed.

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