The Boys : an iconic actor of The Walking Dead in season 4

The filming of season 4 of The Boys at his best. The whole cast is gathered to film the next adventures of Butcher, Homelander and the whole troupe. The opportunity for Amazon Prime to raise the hype by announcing the arrival of an actor well known to fans of The Walking Dead.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan joins The Boys

Another big name joins the cast of The Boys. Seen in numerous series and films, Jeffrey Dean Morgan made a name for himself above all as Negan in The Walking Dead. He also cut his teeth in Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy, Batman vs Superman or even Watchmen. Will his character be as loved/hated as the one he played in TWD? The mystery remains whole because its role has not yet been disclosed.

The fans of Supernatural are in any case particularly enthusiastic to see the reunion of Jensen Ackles (Soldier Boy) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan on the screen. The two actors respectively played Dean Winchester and his father in the series. Its addition to The Boys season 4 and his participation in Supernatural are certainly not trivial. Very fan of the Amazon Prime phenomenon series, the actor had made a foot call on Twitter to Eric Kripke, his showrunner which was also that of Supernatural. The latter had answered him by offering him a role in the third season, he will finally arrive in the fourth.

The Boys  Season 4 Negan The Walking Dead

He will be joined by Valorie Curry, who Detroid Become Human fans know as Kara, as well as Susan Heyward who played one of the Guardians in Orange Is The New Black. They will respectively embody Firecracker and Sister Sage. ” VShe new Supes are some of the best and craziest ever written for The Boys. You will love them. And when I say love, I mean you’re going to be absolutely horrified and feel a little nauseous. “, promises the thinking head of the series.

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