The Birthday Cake: first trailer for the gangster movie starring Ewan McGregor and Val Kilmer


The first trailer for “The Birthday Cake” has just been unveiled. And the least we can say is that with its cast full of well-known “faces” from gangster films, the feature film has false airs of the series “The Sopranos”.

The Birthday Cake : efficient distribution

Who said gangster movies are no longer relevant, except when Martin Scorsese is directing them? The Birthday Cake is indeed present to prove the contrary. Mostly, the feature film directed by Jimmy Giannopoulos is filled with actors that we have seen at least once in a mafia production. Indeed, alongside Ewan McGregor (who still plays a clergyman, twelve years later Angels and Demons) and Val Kilmer (eternal Chris Shiherlis in Heat), the cast consists of well-known actors, who have been seen in the gangster films directed by Scorsese and / or in the cult series The Sopranos. We thus find Lorraine Bracco, Vincent Pastore, Paul Sorvino or even Nick Vallelonga.

Angelo (Val Kilmer) – The Birthday Cake © Purpose Films

They are accompanied by other actors often appeared in cinema and on television such as Shiloh Fernandez, Ashley Benson, Penn Badgley, William Fitchner, David Mazouz, Jeremey Allen White, Luis Guzman or even John Magaro. The main attraction of this film is therefore its cast which will not leave anyone indifferent.

Happy Birthday Uncle

Regarding its synopsis, it turns out to be intriguing. Indeed, the film follows Giovanni (Shiloh Fernandez), who is forced to honor the family tradition by going to bring a birthday cake to his gangster uncle Angelo (Val Kilmer). Except that day, not everything is going to go as planned and he is going to witness a murder. So begins a real chase for him, his cake under his arm.

The first trailer for The Birthday Cake promises us lots of action, twists and turns and real broken mouths that are not here to laugh. Somewhere between pure ’90s gangster fictions and the brutal stripping achievement of the Safdie brothers (Uncut Gems), The Birthday Cake could be a pretty cinematic nugget.

The film is scheduled in US theaters on June 18, 2021. No French date has yet been communicated.

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