The Big Bang Theory: 7 things to know about Sheldon Cooper’s series


“The Big Bang Theory” ended after 12 seasons, but do you know why? And did you know that Raj and Howard almost left long before that date? Here are 7 things to know about the cult series.


Mayim Bialik helped with the scientific scenes



The one who played Amy in the series actually holds a doctorate in neurological sciences and regularly helped the writers when they had to touch on this area of ​​expertise, so as not to say anything in the dialogues.

The character she plays, Amy Farrah Fowler, also has a doctorate in neuroscience. His specialties are addiction to tobacco and cocaine. The fact that Bialik is competent in this area and contributes to the writing of his character has therefore contributed to the verisimilitude of the series.

The set was oddly constructed

Looking at this making of which shows the backstage of the series, we see that the decor is often askew and the furniture diagonally in relation to each other. This was necessitated by the camera angles chosen to shoot the sitcom.

Even though they are content to show it around, we see that Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar sometimes struggle to evolve there. And if one could think that the rooms of Sheldon and Leonard were part of the main decor of the apartment, in reality, it is not!

The show stopped because of one of the actors


Jim Parsons ended the series

It was Jim Parsons who sounded the end of the roommate! The interpreter of Sheldon Cooper had many reasons for this. When renewing his contract at the end of season 12, he made a particular observation that made him question, linked to the death of his father at just 52 years old:

I realized that at the end of season 12, I was going to be 46 years old. And if you tell me that i only have 6 years left to live, like my dad, so i tell myself that there are plenty of other things i would like to do or try. “

Parsons also said that this period coincided with his sadness over his dog’s illness, with which he had a special connection: “The dog eventually died, he was 14, and Todd [son compagnon, NdlR] and I had been together for 15 years, so you could say it was the end of an era. ” Moreover, he had not hidden that the series had exhausted him after 12 years at 22 episodes per season.

Since there was no question of continuing the series without him, she stopped for everyone.

Howard & Raj almost disappeared from the series



Before the departure of Jim Parsons, Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar almost left the series at the end of season 7. In question? The amount of their salary, much lower than that of their fellow interpreters of Sheldon, Penny and Leonard, and that they wanted to renegotiate.

Their lawyers began to be pushy with the production, to the point that CBS was seriously considering their dismissal. Scenarios for episodes in which they do not appear were even written around this time!

The star trio of the series had managed to make $ 1 million per episode, and Helberg as Nayyar, in going on strike, ended up getting the sum of $ 800,000 per episode, plus a share in the production of the series.

Team solidarity for better salaries


Sheldon and Leonard

If they arrived later in the series (in season 3), Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) and Mayim Bialik (Amy) have always been paid less than the rest of the cast. Until season 11, they were making “only” $ 175,000-200,000 per episode.

To remedy this, each of the other 5 stars of the series agreed to lower their salaries to $ 900,000 per episode so that Rauch and Bialik would each receive $ 500,000 per episode. A nice gesture of solidarity towards their colleagues, hitherto unfairly paid.

The creator does not want to show the original pilot



It is common for the series to shoot a first pilot and find that it does not work. Often the adventure …

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