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Available on Canal +, this mini-series revolves around a deadly face-to-face between Jared Harris and Cush Jumbo. A story of revenge … at all costs!

What is it about ?

A grieving mother interferes in the life of the man she says killed her son …

Adaptation of the novel “Let the Beast Die” written in 1938 by Nicholas Blake aka Cecil Day-Lewis, father of Oscar-winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis.

The Beast Must Die, created by Gaby Chiappe with Cush Jumbo, Jared Harris, Billy Howle, Geraldine James…

Monday, June 21 at 9:05 p.m. on Canal + and on MyCanal – 2 episodes per week

Who is it with?

It’s a trio of shock that make up the cast of The Beast Must Die. Cush Jumbo, well known to series fans as the interpreter of lawyer Luca Quinn in the final season of The Good Wife then in The Good Fight, plays Frances the vengeful mother whose child died in a car accident.

Frances is after George, a wealthy bourgeois whom she suspects to be the culprit and who has a strong tendency to think of himself as a racing driver. It’s Jared Harris who lends him his features. The actor, known for his roles in Mad Men, Chernobyl or The Crown, seems to revel in interpreting this execrable man.

And then there is Inspector Strangeways who reopens the investigation abandoned by his predecessor. He is played by Billy Howle who played the role of Dutch diplomat Herman Knippenberg in The snake.

Well worth a look ?

Chic thriller, with its four-star cast and sublime sets – part of the action takes place on the Isle of Wight in the south of England – The Beast Must Die easily compete with thrillers of the same ilk that have flourished across the Atlantic.

I will kill a manFrances (Cush Jumbo) sings at the start of the first episode, with frightening intensity in her voice. Her life has just turned upside down: an Easter vacation trip to the Isle of Wight ended in tragedy, when her young son died in a hit-and-run car accident.

Since the local police have dropped the case, Frances decides to take the bull by the horns and launches her own investigation. It does not take long for her to meet Lena (Mia Tomlinson), a young model who has a family tie with George whom Frances immediately suspects to be “her” to blame.

She manages to get herself invited to George’s house – and his visibly dysfunctional family – by posing as a novelist working on a murder story. A pretext as cynical as it is meta … In a very short time, she discovers the toxic personality of George, a rich and obnoxious businessman.

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When not abusing his 13-year-old son verbally or with kicks, he drives expensive cars too fast on the island’s windy coastal paths. Both smug and deeply sinister, it inspires only contempt. But is he the killer that Frances is looking for?

She is not the only one leading the investigation. She is quickly joined by Inspector Strangeways who tries to overcome post-traumatic stress disorder by throwing himself headlong into this investigation. If Billy Howle interprets his character perfectly, we can not help but consider his character as superfluous as the tension between Frances and George immediately reaches a climax.

Jared Harris is perfect – as usual – in the role of George, a detestable character from every point of view. But it is the performance of Cush Jumbo that wins. She both moves and amazes in the role of this mother overwhelmed by grief and at the same time calculating and able to present the mask of a charming and creative young woman.

Will she achieve her ends? Without doubt, The Beast Must Die knows how to maintain the suspense thanks to a script written with finesse and unparalleled performances.

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