The Batman : new films with cult characters planned

The Batman : new films with cult characters planned

Matt Reeves, director of The Batmanhas a following in the ideas but especially the approval of Warner Bros to do what he wants. And he will seize this unique opportunity to expand his universe.

The Batman will be interested in iconic villains

Now that Matt Reeves has carte blanche, he intends to make the most of it and Warner Bros. also. After grossing $770.8 million at the worldwide box office, The Batman will make children. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the director is on all fronts.

In addition to a sequel being written, other films will emerge and not the least. In these feature films, the villains of the universe will be the stars. Matt Reeves plans to give his version of Scarecrow aka Scarecrow, but also and more surprisingly, Clayface aka Clayface and Professor Pyg. The latter which was seen in the TV series Gotham. Warner said some time ago:

We want to create an atmosphere where all of these directors can excel, do their job and stay with us once they join the Warner family. It was very important for us to keep Matt and create a home so that he could do other projects in the Batman universe, but also other original things..

A Warner spokesperson.

And the series on the Penguin ? She is well on her way with the return of Colin Farrell in the role. This will take place for a whole week after the events of The Batmanand would be articulated as a 6-8 hour story.

It’s so well written. Lauren LeFranc has done such an amazing job, and she’s writing everything and directing the show. She is fearsome. It’s just an exciting prospect. I love this character. I wanted more of that. I felt like I hadn’t had enough with the Penguin. I wanted to do more

Colin Farrell during an interview for Extra (via premiere).

However, Matt Reeves will step down to direct.

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