Tesla: play or drive, you have to choose

Tesla: play or drive, you have to choose

If you are lucky enough to have a Tesla S or X, know that it will be possible to play your library Steam, quite simply. Something to pass the time when recharging your car or playing (in the passenger seat) while your soul mate or friend is behind the wheel. An entire program.

Steam in your Tesla car

It is via the official Tesla Twitter account that we can learn the information:

Steam is here – thousands of games for new Model S and X vehicles

With the deployment of the new update, Valve’s platform now gives access to more than 1,000 games on Model X and S with 16 GB of RAM released in 2022. In the short excerpt which is visible above we can even see see Cyberpunk 2077 and the service interface of Steam. Difficult on the other hand to imagine the game turning in this graphic quality, remains to be seen what it will give in real condition. The icing on the cake, it is possible to use a wireless controller. We can also see Sony’s DualSense in the tweet.

Tesla owners can now also take advantage of other services like Apple Music, which means access to millions of songs with just one click. Without taking the lead. You still have to be quite fortunate since you still have to pay 138,000 euros for a Tesla Model S or 141,000 euros for a Model X, a pittance.

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