Tencent determined to become the competitor of PlayStation and Xbox

Tencent determined to become the competitor of PlayStation and Xbox

The Chinese gaming giant Tencent is said to be changing its strategy to become more aggressive in its acquisitions. What come to compete with the biggest.

If you’ve been following video game news for a few years, it’s hard to miss the name Tencent, which is a real monster that’s only getting bigger from year to year. Tencent is, for example, the majority shareholder of Riot Games, Supercell and a 40% shareholder ofEpic Games, just that. But the company wants to go even further.

Tencent changes course

According to a report by Reuters, the Chinese conglomerate wants to put more emphasis on outright buying businesses and not just investing. This comes amid a significant decline in growth in China. And Europe seems to be the main target since Tencent would now seek “aggressively” to hold majority or controlling stakes in foreign companies, particularly in the old continent.

Tencent told Reuters that the company has been investing overseas for a long time but that they are currently looking for “innovative companies with talented management teams” to give them the opportunity to develop independently. This is also what the Chinese company NetEase, which has just invested in Quantic Dream, is also trying to do.

That is what is said. We can therefore expect to see Tencent come to recover shares of large European players with the key to potential takeovers to come and boost the growth of the company.

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