Tarzan back with a version that will be debated

Tarzan back with a version that will be debated

It’s official, Tarzan will return to the big screen but this time it may be in a version that will make a lot of noise. Explanations

Tarzan is a fictional character who was created by Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1912. And since 1918 this work has had the right to many film adaptations, almost fifty and that’s not counting the Disney cartoon adaptation.

Tarzan in the hands of Sony Pictures Entertainment

This time it’s Sony Pictures Entertainment who will take care of the film Tarzan and if there is currently no director, producer or even screenwriter we already know that the film will take place… in the 21st century

The story is pretty simple anyway: an orphan boy raised in the jungle by great apes falls in love with a young woman named Jane, he eventually leaves the jungle for her, marries her and settles in England. If it has a certain charm and is plausible when the whole thing takes place in the 20s, we have serious doubts with an action in the 2020s…

The most recent version of Tarzan was The Legend of Tarzan from Warner in 2016 with Alexander Skarsgård in the main role, the film had been a great success with no less than 350 million dollars worldwide, enough to attract much covetousness.

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