SyberiaFlashback, Arkanoid: the Microids soundtracks can be listened to for free

SyberiaFlashback, Arkanoid: the Microids soundtracks can be listened to for free

With its Microids Records label, the publisher provides free access to the first soundtracks of its great classics such as SyberiaFlashback or Arkanoid.

After its creation last summer, Microids Records reveals more about its intentions and its first releases.

Microids soundtracks accessible to all

In addition to publishing its games, Microds has launched its own music label in recent months with a clear objective in mind: to publish the original soundtracks of their productions, but also “create collaborations around the publisher’s titles, with artists and composers from different universes”.

This first salvo of releases perfectly represents the DNA of Microids Records. It’s a real pleasure to be able to write our story with the greatest composers in the field and to work on cross-functional projects with artists and composers from other worlds than that of video games. Microids Records aims to be a premier partner for composers and studios wishing to bring their soundtracks, or personal achievements, to light.

Frédéric Claquin, vice-president, via an official press release.

The releases will be in bursts in the form of digital and physical “drops”.

In addition to the soundtracks of Microids games, past, present or future, Microids Records will also offer alternative albums, unreleased ones, and original creations. All of them will be available on the main music platforms on the market. Physical drops will offer vinyl albums in limited series, through collaborations with international partners.

tells us the publisher.

This first drop is composed of:

They can all be listened to by following the links above.

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