Switch Pro: the name of the console already revealed by Nintendo?

Did Nintendo just reveal a big clue about its future strategy and its next console? This is strongly implied by a new trademark registration.

The Nintendo Switch Pro is once again talking about it. The manufacturer’s next console would support 4K and would have shown what it had in its stomach with the latest trailer for Zelda Breath of the Wilds 2. Big N denies its existence, and yet the brand’s Japanese firm has just filed a trademark going in this direction.

NSW, an acronym for the Nintendo Switch Pro?

Rumors around a Switch Pro or a Switch 2 are numerous and contradictory. Some believe that the hybrid console would not have a simple upgrade and that the company would offer brand new hardware, while others say the opposite. For its part, Nintendo has given food for thought by filing the NSW brand. No, you didn’t misread, an f is not missing. Big N here seems to have recorded the abbreviation of its future console which could hide a New Switch.

Switch Pro aka New Switch?

A plausible theory, since the Japanese firm had already used a similar name at the time with the New 3DS. We can therefore see there a clue concerning the one previously called the Switch Pro and which could adopt an identical strategy. More power, better ergonomics and new features, but which would coexist with existing models. All of this is pure speculation at this stage, but Nintendo seems to be preparing a new Switch. The very serious Bloomberg also claimed that the developers had received kits for the Switch Pro. To be continued…

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