Superman soon back in his best version?

It’s been a while since fans of Henry Cavill’s version of Superman (which are extremely numerous) want to see the actor put on the cape again in the cinema. The actor himself does not seem to want to put the costume away. Many rumors suggest that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has heard the cry from fans who want more Cavill in the DCEU, speaking directly to Warner to “advocate.” Especially since the calls to see “Superman Cavill” land in the film Black Adam were many.

Henry Cavill finally back in a Superman movie?

Superman soon back in his best version?
Henry Cavill as Superman.

The ever-informed David Faraci, podcast editor marvel vision assures that some “behind the scenes” evidence suggests that Warner Bros. shoot another movie Superman with Henry Cavill. Or at least that a film is in the works, in particular thanks to the negotiations of actor Dwayne Johnson. Faraci explained that Johnson pressured Warner to approach the actor. Obviously there is also a question of big money, and the production could surely have felt something positive in the fact of offering the red cape to the actor once again.

As reported TheDirectthe journalist explains:

I got more information about it. It’s not very precise. This is some behind-the-scenes information that I found fascinating, namely that why Henry Cavill took over the role of Superman in Black Adam is that The Rock demanded it. He pressured Warner Bros. for them to go see Henry Cavill and sign a new contract with Henry Cavill, saying in particular that they were going to develop a new Superman movie. And all because The Rock insisted.

The Rock, a real superhero? In any case, this is news that will please many people. If only to see Cavill again in Black Adam which is expected for October 19, 2022 in France.

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