Superman Man of Steel 2: finally the return of Henry Cavill? Warner has decided

After years of gossip and rumors of all kinds, the sequel to Superman Man of Steel with Henry Cavill is still standing (like Renaud). Last appeared with the cape for the Justice League of Zack Snyder, Henry Cavill could however also return in Black Adam. Especially after the support of a certain Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Henry Cavill as Superman again

A cult version of Superman

At the base Warner had for project to develop a trilogy on the character of Superman. Well this idea is obviously not completely out of the water according to very recent information from the very serious newspaper The Hollywood Reporter. Indeed, according to an anonymous source, James Gunn would be on the verge of directing a film or two for DC and Man of Steel 2 would be one of them. James Gunn is far from being a newcomer to the cinema since it is in particular to him that we owe Guardians of the Galaxy at Marvel and the very recent The Suicide Squad at DC. Two superhero/villain movies that had a very positive reception.

Also according to the same source, the Superman movie with Cavill is currently looking for writers and it will be produced by Charles Roven, the producer of the first movie and the vast majority of Warner / DC projects. The man also officiated on the trilogy The Dark Knight. We are therefore far from dealing with an amateur. Finally, Christopher McQuarrie, the screenwriter of Top Gun Maverick would be in the list of potential perpetrators.

So this is very good news for fans of Cavill and Superman.

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