Super Nintendo World: an opening date for the park in Hollywood

Super Nintendo World: an opening date for the park in Hollywood

The Super Nintendo World will soon be exported outside of Japan. Will the experience be different or unique with new features such as a Donkey Kong area?

Are you a fan of the plumber and planning a trip to California in 2023? Good news, you will be able to visit the Super Nintendo World to see “in real life” Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad…

Super Nintendo World is coming to Universal US

The beginnings of the Super Nintendo World amusement park were laborious. The reason ? The global COVID-19 pandemic which has been responsible for the two postponements of the opening of this place in Japan. But all that is over and the amusement park is going to be moved to a second location. Where exactly? In the United States, and as in the Land of the Rising Sun, it will be inside Universal Studios Hollywood.

As the trailer indicates, which takes us on a virtual tour of the owner, the opening is set at the February 17, 2023. It will be an exact replica of the Japanese version with a “Toadstool Cafe” to eat or even a “1-UP Factory” goodies shop.

Super Nintendo World takes you into the world of Super Mario. Compete against Bowser’s team in the revolutionary Mario Kart. Play interactive games throughout the park and track your score with a Power-Up Wristband. Dine at the Toadstool Cafe, meet Mario and his friends, and shop for exclusive merchandise at the 1-UP Factory store.

The Power-Up Wristband is a must-buy if you want the full experience. Indeed, many “interactive games”, like the question mark block on which you have to tap with your fist in the air, are only valid with the bracelet. Without him, it’s locked. You can keep it for the collection or even use it again with the Nintendo Switch for in-game bonuses, a bit like amiibo.

On the other hand, don’t expect to say hello to Donkey Kong. Its special area will not open until 2024.

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