Super Mario movie Bros victim of a leak. This is what Mario will look like

Mario’s design in the Super Mario movie Bros would it have been revealed in advance? A first stolen image is circulating on the Web and it is already dividing the fans.

Nintendo gave fans an appointment on October 6 at 10:05 p.m. for a unique Nintendo Direct. The Japanese firm has planned things big to reveal its Super Mario film Bros starring Chris Pratt as the plumber. Yet the festivities could have been spoiled because of a leaked.

Mario’s design in the Super Mario movies Bros unveiled?

Super Mario movie Bros began its teaser by revealing a first image. The official poster set the tone with Mario from behind contemplating the Mushroom Kingdom. In theory, you have to wait until tomorrow night to see the design of Nintendo’s iconic character head-on. Yet a McDonald’s employee allegedly leaked a first look at Mario’s face in the creators’ adaptation of the minions. The image would come from one of the catalogs or one of the posters sent to stores, no doubt as part of a future commercial operation with the fast food giant.

If we will obviously wait for the Nintendo Direct this Thursday, October 6 to be sure, this image seems to match the design of the poster for the film. This first potential glimpse in any case divides the community of players. On the one hand, some are delighted to see Mario with one of his emblematic poses in the game and expect something very faithful. On the other, fans remain perplexed, the fault of the proportions of the face which differs from the 3D productions of the franchise. We just have to wait for the first Super Mario movie trailer Bros to form an opinion.

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