super mario movie Bros : the new trailer is here, it’s going to be crazy

super mario movie Bros : the new trailer is here, it's going to be crazy

Super Mario movie Bros was entitled to a new highlight during the last special Nintendo Direct devoted to this adaptation. On the program, emblematic places and characters.

The first Super Mario movie trailer Bros did not convince across the Atlantic. In question, not the design of the characters or the animation, but the interpretation of the plumber by Chris Pratt. Internet users quickly expressed their disappointment, to the point that the Anglo-Saxons envy the VF or even the Italian version. A month later, Big N presents its adaptation in a new light with a second trailer.

A new trailer for the Super Mario movie Bros

Thing promised, thing due. Big N unveiled new clips from the Super Mario movie Bros through a second trailer. As suggested by the teaser accompanying the Nintendo Direct announcement, this new video focuses above all on Peach and her castle. The surprise had been spoiled somewhat, as a McDonald’s employee had revealed his design ahead of time. The Web was also divided on this subject, finding her look too close to the Disney princesses for their taste.

More than her appearance, it is above all the interpretation of Anya Taylor-Joy, known for her role in The Game of the Lady, which was put forward. Another character revealed, Donkey Kong played by Seth Rogen. This new trailer also confirms that the Super Mario movie Bros will be full of references of all kinds, including the spin-offs Mario Kart, Mario Maker, but also Super Mario Bros 3 with a preview of Tanuki’s costume.

First announced seven years ago, the Super Mario movie Bros will be released in cinemas from March 29, 2023 in France. In addition to Chris Pratt and Anya Taylor-Joy, the adaptation will star Charlie Day as Luigi, Jack Black will lend his voice to Bowser, Toad will be played by comedian Keegan-Michael Key. In the news, several official posters have leaked, suggesting that Pauline will also be in the film.

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