super mario movie Bros : Chris Pratt is dismantled by the fans

super mario movie Bros : Chris Pratt is dismantled by the fans

Chris Pratt’s performance in the Super Mario movie Bros did not convince the fans. We have compiled the best Tweets and especially the funniest ones.

As soon as Chris Pratt is announced as the lead role in the Super Mario movie Bros, fans raised concerns. The first trailer was therefore particularly awaited at the turn, the players impatient (or not) to discover what the interpretation of the Hollywood star of Mario. The ax fell on the night of October 6, it has nothing to do with the famous plumber who marked the history of video games. Inevitably, the reactions were lively on the networks and above all very funny. Here is an anthology of the best tweets that dismantle or make fun of Chris Pratt in the Super Mario movie Bros.

When internet users make fun of Chris Pratt and the Super Mario movie

Chris Pratt had warned: his Mario voice “ is unlike anything you’ve heard before “. The actor known for Guardians of the Galaxy or even Jurassic World said to himself ” very proud of his performance » last January. He hadn’t lied, it doesn’t look anything like the other versions of the plumber. And for good reason, he purely and simply uses his basic voice. No Italian accent, no effort to look like the original material, internet users are as amused as they are disgusted.

“Ok, thinking about it, it’s really too funny”explains a user, quoting an article where Chris Pratt explains that his voice in the movie Super Mario Bros is unheard of.

Chris Pratt spent months practicing to make his voice sound like Chris Pratt. Cheer !

You see, this is what Mario’s voice should sound like

Chris Pratt’s voice is to the Super Mario movie what Sonic’s human teeth were to the movie.

The French version in the spotlight

No luck for the Americans therefore, they will have to undergo what we experienced with the movie Sonic. On the other hand, if there is a version that has been unanimously accepted, it is the VF of the film Super Mario Bros. Across the Atlantic, our French talents have conquered the fans who are openly jealous of our actors. Cock-a-doodle Doo !

France has someone who sounds exactly like Mario and we have Chris Pratt.

Ok, I’m going to watch the Super Mario movie Bros in French

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