super mario movie Bros : a nice surprise unveiled in advance

Super Mario movie Bros has yet to reveal all of its surprises. Recently highlighted during a very special Nintendo Direct, the adaptation of Illumination (Moi, Moche et Méchant) continues to convince fans, unlike Chris Pratt’s performance. The latest trailer did indeed put two key characters: Donkey Kong and Peach. However, the full cast has not yet been revealed. leaked supporting.

A Luma in the Super Mario movie

Promoting the movie Super Mario Bros will not pass only by spectacular trailers. Nintendo is a past master in the art of derivative products and collaborations of all kinds. One of them involves a long-time partner: McDonald’s, which has already received all the assets of this business transaction. This had earned us the opportunity to discover the design of Mario, Peach and their friends in advance. It is now the turn of another surprise character.

In Japan, the fast food giant will launch a series of figurines at the end of the month in its Happy Meals. We will find a whole panoply of characters like Donkey Kong, Luigi, Bowser but also an unexpected character: a Luma, a starry creature from Super Mario Galaxy. This therefore implies that Mario and his friends would set off to discover other galaxies. This in itself would not be surprising since Peach evokes a gigantic universe where there are “so many galaxies”. It would be a nice surprise, which could then be accompanied by an appearance by Harmonie. However, we will have to wait for the release of the Super Mario movie. Brosscheduled for cinemas on March 29, 2023 in France.

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