super mario movie Bros : a new extract that sells dreams

super mario movie Bros : a new extract that sells dreams

The highly anticipated Super Mario movie Bros made a standout appearance at The Game Awards 2022. Yes, the film still looks great.

Super Mario Bros is expected for March 29, 2023 in our dark rooms and intends to put the package to satisfy the fans. And he proves it once again on video.

Super Mario Bros does the beautiful and offers us a new extract

The evening of Game Awards 2022, yet already loaded with announcements, made a small place for Nintendo, which took the opportunity to reveal a short excerpt from the new film of its mascot. We can see the famous mustachioed walking around the mushroom kingdom surrounded by a whole bunch of Toads, each cuter than the other.
Far from being the experienced adventurer that he is in the games, our plumber seems totally lost here and discovers the kingdom and its surroundings at the same time as us.

Incarnated by Chris Pratt, greatly mocked on the net, in its English version, it is Pierre Tessier who will take the overalls in France, while Christophe Lemoine will lend his voice to Bowser. Two actors known in the middle and who are not on their first tryout, far from it.

Far from the failed film of the 90s, this new Super Mario film Bros should delight fans by multiplying the references to licensed games such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, MarioPaper, donkey kong or Super Mario Galaxy. The most hardcore fans will also notice many more discreet nods, such as the appearance of sounds or striking objects from the games on which the film is based. Good big fan service as we like it.

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