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“Super Mario Bros.”, which is the first adaptation of a videogame license to the cinema and notoriously known for having been an artistic and commercial shipwreck in 1993, is now available in a restored and longer version of 20 min!

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We may have immense affection for the late Bob Hoskins, we have not yet found the answer for his participation in this authentic cinematographic shipwreck that was Super Mario Bros., released in 1993. In a great burst of lucidity, Hoskins will say years more late that it was the worst film of his career.

“This is not a game! This is a live action movie!” brazenly displayed the US poster of the film. Indeed, it is always good to specify, once we have doubts … The film may try to multiply the references to ensure the Fan service, everything is absolutely grotesque and above all sounds so wrong that It became embarrassing. Dennis Hopper, Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo were doing what they could to save the furniture with what little they had, which was next to nothing.

Below, for the record, the trailer of the film …

This film was the first to be adapted from a video game, and, as such, it was instrumental in breaking through this unfortunate frenzy of failed video game adaptations to cinema. Scorched by the bitter failure in theaters, the Nintendo firm has never produced a live film adapted from one of its licenses, and will take more than 30 years before reconsidering the question; and even. This time it is an animated film in preparation, under the leadership of McGuff / Enlightenment. A much more coherent choice with regard to the license.

This being said, and despite the concert of casseroles that the 1993 film drags, Super mario bros. keeps a little “cult” movie aura, even if it’s not really for the right reasons. This is where we discover that the site Super Mario Bros The Movie Archive he seems to have tried for years to obtain the many cut scenes from the film, to restore them.

It is now done! These scenes were discovered on a VHS dating from 1993 and obtained in 2019, in rather deplorable condition, fatally … The site team called on editor Garrett Gilchrist to patiently restore and reintegrate these cut scenes on the feature film final, which also benefited from a restoration. Baptized Super Mario Bros: The Morton Jankel Cut, this new version of the film is now 20 minutes longer!

This assembly is visible (legally) here since yesterday, on the Internet Archive. Obviously, you have to be English-speaking since there is no subtitle, even English.

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