Suicide Squad, Fast 9, Our worst friends … John Cena star of the summer cinema!


John Cena power … four! The actor and wrestler is illustrated in four feature films this summer, between fast and furious cars, quirky super-villains, turbulent firefighters and Mexican drinking bouts.

We thought that the US duel in summer 2021 would pit Vin Diesel and his racing car against Dwayne Johnson and his boat. It was too quickly to forget another colossus, John Cena, quite simply unavoidable in these months of July and August, between cinemas (Fast & Furious 9, The Suicide Squad) and streaming platforms (Chaud devant! On Prime Video, Our worst friends on Disney +). Four feature films in less than two months: hard to beat, with very different films, genres and characters. They seem far away from the complicated beginnings of The Marine or 12 Rounds. John Cena has made his place among action-heroes.

Fast & Furious 9 – currently in theaters

Universal Pictures

What is it about ?
Dom and his team come together to dismantle a global conspiracy led by the most relentless killer they have ever faced, as fearsome with a weapon as they are behind a wheel. A man who is none other than Dom’s disowned brother, Jakob.

John Cena … pass the ninth!
One wrestler can hide another. Dwayne johnson having withdrawn from the franchise (we now know that he will not return in the last two sections), It is John cena who comes to play muscle in front of Vin Diesel in Fast & Furious 9, bringing an unprecedented sibling rivalry within the Fast “family”, as his character tries to emerge definitively from the shadow of his big brother. “It adds another level of depth to this universe. It’s not just some freewheeling villain trying to take over the world and the team has to stop,” he explains to DashFUN. “Vin was a big help in shaping the character. He helped me develop the ‘why’ and the story behind our actions.”

Did you know ?
Coming like him from the rings of the WWE, John Cena has long maintained a fierce rivalry with Dwayne Johnson, to the point of facing him in dantesque fights of WrestleMania. He now dreams, like his fans, of a face to face between Jakob Toretto and Luke Hobbs in a Fast & Furious spin-off. If the recent statements of The Rock risk to undermine this project, the two men should collaborate on the film The Janson Directive, produced by Johnson.

The Suicide Squad – currently in theaters

Warner Bros.

What is it about ?
Crossing a jungle teeming with adversaries and guerrillas, the Suicide Squad is launched on a search and destruction mission in Corto Maltese, with Colonel Rick Flag to supervise them on the ground … while Amanda Waller can follow the slightest. of their movements.

John Cena … plays a gun!
Don’t be fooled by its WTF look and strange helmet (toilet bowl or torch of freedom, the choice is yours!). In The Suicide Squad, John cena is a real living weapon whose verbal and fatal contests with Idris Elba / Bloodsport are as bloody as they are enjoyable (special mention to the infiltration of the guerrilla camp). It is therefore an offbeat, violent and unprecedented Cena that is revealed in front of James Gunn’s camera. “He gave us the opportunity to play heroes who are never quite bad, nor quite good. The difficulty was to walk a fine line between Good and Evil.”, he confides to DashFUN. “Peacemaker tries to find his harmony in the chaos of the situation he is immersed in. He has to find a heart when the need is felt, and he has to shoot anything that moves when the moment is right. required.”

Did you know ?
The word had quickly toured the studios at the time of filming: John cena bluffed his world on the set of The Suicide Squad, prompting James Gunn and the Warner to launch a series around his character for HBO Max. Already shot, the first season of Peacemaker will therefore complete the feature film … Stay after the end credits to find out how.

Hot in front! – 08/20 on Prime Video

Paramount Pictures Corporation. All rights reserved. / Doane Gregory

What is it about ?
Following a forest fire, firefighters rescue a sibling of three children, but the …

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