Stuart Little on Netflix: the film uncovered a missing work of art


Innocent family comedy with a talking mouse, “Stuart Little” was instrumental in an unexpected story. The film found a work of art that had been missing for decades.

Stuart little : the adventures of a talking mouse

An adventure to share with the family with a funny little mouse, that’s what you expect when you launch Stuart little. A film that has the strange peculiarity of having been written by M. Night Shyamalan. The author of Sixth Sense, Unbreakable or The village is not really someone you expected on such a project. A line that denotes in his filmography and that the public tends not to know.

The screenplay tells the story of the arrival of the Stuart mouse in the Little family. The cat, Snowbell, is not particularly happy and would like to get rid of it. The son, George, is also unhappy at first. But he will learn to discover the one who can be considered as his brother. The film, directed by Rob Minkoff, relies on an eminently sympathetic cast. Michael J. Fox lends his voice to star Stuart, while Geena Davis and Hugh Laurie play the parents. George is played by Jonathan Lipnicki. A child who disappeared from circulation quite quickly in the 2000s.

Stuart little © Columbia TriStar Films

Yes Stuart little had a good score at the box office by collecting $ 300 million, we sometimes forget that this is an expensive production. Its exact budget varies from one source to another but everyone agrees thatit’s over $ 100 million.

A lost work of art found thanks to the film

Stuart little was released in 1999 and, 10 years later, a completely unexpected event brought him back to the forefront. The day when Gergely Barki, historian at the Hungarian National Museum, watches the feature film, quietly posed in his living room with his daughter. At the bend of a scene, he is challenged by a painting which is in the background (see image below). The work tells him something. She looks strangely like The Sleeping Lady with the Black Vase of the Hungarian arise Róbert Berény. Could this be possible, while the table is considered lost since the 1920s ? It would appear to be the case and Gergely Barki can’t help but inquire. Great good for him!

Stuart little
Stuart little © Columbia TriStar Films

So far he did not know The Sleeping Lady with the Black Vase than through an old black and white photo. The man inquires and finally discovers that the painting was bought at a totally ridiculous price by a member of the team of Stuart little from an antique dealer in Pasadena, California. No one knows what his path was to make the way to the United States, from Hungary. A mystery that will surely remain unresolved but the primary interest is not there. The important thing is that The Sleeping Lady with the Black Vase be brought up to the surface.

As a result, an auction was held in Budapest. The initial bet required a well-stocked wallet: 110,000 euros. Several buyers came forward and it was a Hungarian collector who won the painting for the modest sum of 229,500 euros. This story is reminiscent of so many others linked to missing works. We think, for example, of this painting by Gustave Klimt found in Italy last year … In a garbage bag.

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