Stray like you’ve never seen

Stray like you've never seen

Stray was a real success and inevitably it gives ideas to ingenious fans who imagine a whole lot of things like this very cute demake.

The adventure game stray was a real success. Anyway, it was hard not to please the wider world when you know the love that the global Internet has for cats. It is in this still very feline context that the Youtube channel 64 Bits published a demake video showing what Stray would look like if it had been released on Game Boy. As expected, this is a lot of work with new textures, new sounds, etc.

Stray retro version

As the creators can explain, it’s a bit Stray but 1992 version.

This is the EIGHTH in a series of short demakes we are creating! (Frankly, we thought we were done with demakes, but we keep coming up with ideas :))
Here we take you to the past with “Stray for Game Boy”.
We’ve done our best to capture the style and spirit of the original Game Boy. Colors, limitations and sound. There’s a lot of inspiration taken from Prince of Persia and Oddworld Adventures (the Game Boy ports), especially when it comes to gameplay, movement and sound. We were also inspired by Alley Cat for DOS.

Fun fact, the same team also did a great job on Elden Ring several months ago and the result is just as stunning as you can see on this link.

What other game besides Stray would you like to see in a demake artwork like this? Tell us within ccomments.

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