Stray: 5 new playable cats and it’s for a good cause

Stray: 5 new playable cats and it's for a good cause

This summer’s phenomenon, the French game Stray is joining forces with the SPA for a new kind of campaign. The Animal Welfare Association has added five new playable cats that are up for adoption.

5 playable cats in Stray thanks to the SPA

When the video game works for a good cause. Offered at PS Plus Premium in July 2022, Stray has established itself as the trending title of the summer. The scale of the game is such that the SPA has decided to ride on the success of French production with its “Adopt a mod” campaign. The association makes it possible to embody five new cats living in shelters and available for adoption. They were modeled by an independent developer.

On the other hand, only PC players will be able to discover these adorable felines since they are only available via a Stray mod. We therefore find P’tite Shrimp, Câline, Zoya, Pastelle and Doc, who are presented with a photo and a biography, as on the SPA website. All have a different coat in order to ” represent the great diversity of cats for adoption in shelters “. She hopes not only to raise awareness among players but also to increase the number of adoptions. The 63 French shelters were indeed particularly saturated this summer and more than 10,000 cats are still waiting for a new home.

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