Stranger Things : release of season 5 and info on the end of the Netflix series

While the two parts of Stranger Things 4 are on Netflix, it’s already time to talk about season 5. These will be the last episodes and the creators are very confident about the end.

The Duffer Brothers, creators of the current series Stranger Thingsare almost ready for season 5. Release date, rhythm, duration of the final episode, here is the first information of the conclusion of the TV show from interviews of Collider and The Wrap (via Benji-sales).

A season 5 shorter than Stranger Things 4

After a well-deserved vacation this month, Matt and Ross Duffer will isolate themselves to write Season 5 in early August. If there is work, the creators have an overall idea of ​​what to put and especially the duration. The number of episodes will probably be similar, but it will be shorter. But everything can change.

We thought Season 4 was going to be eight episodes, and they were going to have a standard length. That’s what I would have said if you had asked us before season 4. I think we’re aiming for eight episodes again. We don’t want it to be 1pm, but more like around 10am or something like that. I think it will be longer than season 1 because we have so much to wrap up, but I don’t think it will be as long as season 4.

Since this will be the epilogue of Stranger Thingsseason 5 should go fast with lots of action. “In this season, it took our characters two hours to realize that a monster was killing people in Hawkins. They now know what the threat is, so that’s going to help speed things up.” explains Ross Duffer.

Stranger Things  4

A good conclusion for the series?

If everything is not yet defined for season 5, the very end of Stranger Things is she very clear in the minds of the two brothers. And they seem pretty sure of themselves.

For the moment, we are quite confident about our end. While much of Season 5 is still rather hazy, the last 30 minutes are pretty clear in our heads. So if we can make the trip fun, I think we have an ending that we hope will be liked. You can’t please everyone, but we hope our ending suits this story..

Ross Duffer

“I’m not sure about a lot of things, but I think the ending is good” adds Matt Duffer. This season finale could last at least two hours, and is compared to Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King for its multiple conclusions.

When is season 5 coming out Stranger Things on Netflix?

Season 5 Air Date Stranger Things on Netflix.

No official release date for season 5 of Stranger Things, but an actor still puts us on the list. David Harbor (Jim Hopper) tells QG that in his experience, the broadcast should take place mid-2024. “Based on what’s happened before, it should be out by mid-2024”.

And why not July 15, 2024 to come full circle? Season 1 of Stranger Things had indeed landed on July 15, 2016 on Netflix. Until then, you can have fun finding out which song would save you from Vecna.

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