Stranger Things like you’ve never seen it, the video

Stranger Things like you've never seen it, the video

Want to dive back into the world of Stranger Things before season 5? Netflix has announced a brand new virtual reality game in which you are not going to have the right role.

Play a big bad in Stranger Things VR

Stranger Things VR is a new video game adaptation where you play as Vecna, the antagonist of season 4. The goal will be to invade minds and cause nightmares to get revenge on Eleven and Hawkins.

Play as Vecna ​​in this new adventure of Stranger Things in VR. Become an explorer of unknown realities by training the hive mind and mastering the Void. Invade spirits and cause nightmares in your quest for revenge against Eleven and Hawkins.

We still know little about the possibilities of gameplay or the lifespan. However, Netflix specifies that it will be an action and psychological horror game designed by Tender Claws (Virtual Virtual Reality 2, Tempest…).

No release date but a window, it will be available in winter 2023 on “main virtual reality platforms”. To be confirmed, but the Meta Quest 2 headsets and the future PSVR 2 should both accommodate this new title derived from the TV series.

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