Stranger Things : find out which song would save you from Vecna

Stranger Things : find out which song would save you from Vecna

Pink Floyd, Lorie, Jul, Beyoncé, the OST of your favorite game? Which ones could save you from the clutches of Vecna? Stranger Things ? You can finally find out.

This is the question that has been burning on everyone’s lips since the release of the first part of season 4 of Stranger Things. Without too much spoiler for those who are late, a scene from the series involving the survival of a character using music has become a same on social networks. And now Spotify finally lets you answer the fateful question: which song could save you?

Discover your miracle song at the Stranger Things

Running Up That Hill has become a phenomenon again thanks to Stranger Things by imposing itself at the top of the charts of a major part of the music streaming platforms. However, it is not the miracle song of most Internet users. On the occasion of the release of the last two episodes of season 4 of the Netflix series today, Spotify has just launched a personalized playlist which allows you to discover which is the song that could save you from Vecna.

All platform users, subscribers or not, can now have their musical first aid kit in the event of an attack by this terrifying enemy of Stranger Things. To access it, just type “Uspside Down Playlist” into Spotify’s search bar to discover your playlist. Or of click here if you are lazy. The first song that appears is probably your current or past favorite. You are not immune to some surprises. So what’s your miracle song?

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