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Stop getting excited, Nagatoro is a little nugget of Japanese animation that is worth a look! Zoom on this completely crazy series that will amaze you.


Nagatoro Hayase is a first year high school student. She meets Naoto Hachioji, a shy young high school student subjected to mockery and remarks from classmates.

By witnessing these teasing, Nagatoro thinks that this is what his senpai needs. [aîné] and therefore begins to tease him. He ends up enjoying keeping this particular high school girl company, the only person who notices him in this school.

Stop heating me up, Nagatoro is directed by Hirokazu Hanai, based on the manga shônen written and illustrated by Nanashi. The anime is available on DNA and Crunchyroll. Season 1 consists of 12 episodes.


What immediately strikes you when you start this anime is obviously its heroine, Nagatoro! The latter, annoying little bitch at first glance, will prove to be much more complex than that.

His relationship with Naoto, alias “Senpai”, is more and more touching over the episodes! She, who mocked her eldest child badly with her girlfriends, gradually becomes attached to him, to the point of being very jealous if other girls approach her “pain-killer”.



French title [Arrête de me chauffer, Nagatoro] has been criticized (love it or hate it), but when you see the series as a whole, it seems wise as the “stalker” side of Nagatoro quickly fades into the background to slip into eccentric romantic comedy.

In addition, the rhythm of the anime is always very strong, you never get bored. Each 20 minute episode consists of two parts, always centered on Naoto “Senpai” and Nagatoro. There are few characters apart from them and the heroine’s girlfriends, which makes the plot still readable and particularly pleasant to follow.


Between romantic comedy and slice of life, Stop heating me up, Nagatoro is a real nugget, sublimated by brilliant dubbing actors. Special mention to Sumire Uesaka, who lends his voice to Nagatoro. She manages to offer him a strong incarnation, doing justice to the heroine’s mocking side.

The actress thus manages to make us laugh, but also to move us or annoy us. His performance is really one of the strong points of the series. We cannot remain indifferent to the earthiness of this character.

Naoto “Senpai” and Nagatoro


Finally, the anime is often hilarious but also very tender. The relationship between Nagatoro and Naoto does not end with silly and mean “harassment”, as we have read sometimes; it is is much more subtle than that. Precisely, the series denounces in passing these bad behaviors by using an absurd and provocative humor.

Moreover, a real relationship is formed between the two protagonists, who will gradually let go and discover their flaws. In this sense, the anime turns out to be rather realistic in its way of portraying the sometimes paradoxical relationships between teens, oscillating between benevolence and wickedness.

“Naoto Senpai” will manage to come out of his shell and make his shyness explode in contact with the supercharged Nagatoro, who will learn to soften thanks to Naoto and his natural benevolence. We absolutely must not stop at the 2 or 3 first episodes, which set things up.

Beneath his wicked and sadistic aspect, Nagatoro hides a sensitivity and feelings that will surprise you. In the end, you too will let yourself be seduced by the sparkling heroine! She teases, entices and torments the hero, but above all she turns out to be adorable.

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