Stop Dad, you make me ashamed! On Netflix: the sitcom with Jamie Foxx canceled after a season


Emilie Semiramoth

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A little tour and then go … The sitcom with Jamie Foxx, inspired by his relationship with his daughter, apparently did not find its audience. Netflix just canceled it after one season.

No more embarrassment for Sasha Dixon, played by Kyla-Drew! Netflix chose not to order a second season of Stop Daddy, You Make Me Ashamed! This comedy centered on a father-daughter relationship co-produced and starring Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx has a priori not found its audience, nor convinced the platform to give it a second chance.

The series is inspired by the relationship between Jamie Foxx and his daughter, Corinne Foxx, who produced this first season of eight episodes which launched on April 14. Jamie Foxx would have influenced the decision not to renew the series. This one encountered difficulties from its development and saw its showrunner change along the way.

No need to worry about Jamie Foxx though. He is to play Mike Tyson in a series produced by Martin Scorsese. He also has a contract that ties him to Netflix that includes two upcoming films: They Cloned Tyrone and Day Shift.

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