Stillwater: Amanda Knox takes on the film


Matt Damon scrambles to save his daughter in Marseille in “Stillwater”, a thriller slated to hit theaters next month. Amanda Knox, whose true story serves as inspiration, criticizes the film and its director for not showing respect.

Stillwater : Matt Damon immersed in Marseille

Presented in preview at the last Cannes Film Festival, Stillwater is the new feature film by Tom McCarthy (Spotlight). Planned for September 22 in French theaters, he follows Bill Baker (Matt Damon), an American father who travels to France, to Marseille, to visit his daughter Allison (Abigail Breslin) locked behind bars. This time, he intends to prove that she is innocent and wants to get her out of prison. But its task is not easy in a country with a very different culture. Fortunately, he can count on Virgine (Camille Cottin), a Frenchwoman with whom he will forge a strong bond.

As pointed out in our review, the film struggles to convince as a whole, despite being more surprising than expected. You will be forming your own opinion in more than a month, but in the meantime, Stillwater is at the center of a controversy.

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A film based on a true story, which is controversial

Amanda Knox, the woman whose story served as the inspiration for the screenplay, has recently spoken out and she’s not being kind to the film. She reveals that no one asked him for permission to adapt his story and bitterly regrets how Tom McCarthy used his image. In a thread on Twitter, she elaborates on what bothers her:

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