Stellar Blade: the PS5 exclusive Bayonetta returns with a superb trailer

Stellar Blade: the PS5 exclusive Bayonetta returns with a superb trailer

The action game Project EVE becomes Stellar Blade and has offered a nice gameplay trailer as well as some details on its universe, its fights or its release window on PS5. A Korean Bayonetta to follow very closely?

Project EVE is no more, welcome to Stellar Blade, the action game from Chinese studio Shift Up Corp. A new beat them all reminiscent of the biggest productions of the genre such as Bayonetta, Devil May Cry or even NieR Automata.

Stellar Blade, a new PS5 console exclusive

For its reappearance at State of Play, Project EVE therefore scrapped its previous codename for Stellar Blade, its definitive title. Kim Hyung Tae, director of the development studio, enlightened us on this change. “The title is a combination of Stellar, which means stars in Latin, and Blade, which defines Eve’s existence. The tip of this blade will take you wherever you want: you control your destiny”.

Eve will lead a quest to save the badly damaged Earth. The trailer sets the context: Xion also called the City of the Abandoned, a city built under desolate lands, hosted at its peak more than 100,000 inhabitants. But due to the scarcity of energy, people have been put into a deep sleep. And to prevent the world from being plunged into eternal darkness, Eve will have to react.

Eve and her comrades land on the surface to regain control over an extinct Earth when they encounter a survivor, Adam. Eve then follows Adam to the last surviving city, Xion, where she meets the village elder Orcal who tells her many stories. In order to fulfill her mission to save Earth, Eve develops close relationships with key members of Xion and helps rebuild the city. During her mission to save Earth from the NA:tives, Eve must also help the citizens of Xion. You decide if you want to help survivors or not: the decision is up to you.

Action and big bosses

Even if the game looks oh so classic, the excerpts seem effective with beautiful animations during the fights. By countering or dodging the attacks of the NA:tives, the enemies, we should be able to create devastating combos and take advantage of skills that will ensure the spectacle. The difficulty should also be there during boss encounters according to Kim Hyung Tae. “Hang on… Boss power is on a totally higher level than regular NA:tives, giving you challenging strategic fights”.

Stellar Blade will be released exclusively (console) on PS5 in 2023.

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