Steam : unstoppable, the platform breaks another record

Steam : unstoppable, the platform breaks another record

In 2020 we could note a very clear acceleration in the records of Steam in terms of the number of users in simultaneous connection. We often talk about it on DashFUN as the phenomenon seems to be growing over time. All of this started to accelerate significantly during the Covid crisis. For obvious reasons, the successive confinements in Europe gave a major boost to the number of users on Steam.

The new record of Steam

So we can learn that for the very first time, more than 10 million players were connected and actively playing on Steam this weekend, we can learn all this thanks to Steam DB(Valve’s platform therefore records an impressive number of 10,082,055 “in-game” players and a record 32,186,301 online users). It’s simply pharaonic and it also shows how PC gaming is full of future. Under these conditions, we understand better why PlayStation wants to publish its exclusives on PC. But also why Ubisoft made a very important decision on the subject.

For the record, it took 14 years to Steam to reach a peak of 15 million concurrent users in 2017, but only 5 years for the next 15 million. It must be said that the rise of Chinese video games is also very important and that this brings a lot of people to Steam Over the month. We remember, for example, that according to an article from 2019 on the PC game in China there would be approximately 312 million PC gamers (estimated figure). There is still plenty of room for improvement for Steam can become even bigger than it already is.

What do you think of this new record on the Valve platform?

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