Steam transforms its store and helps you find the game of your dreams

Valve updated their store Steam to now offer hubs based on various categories, tags, and genres. This is what to remember.

Predictably, Valve just released a new update for Steam. The update in question brings changes to how various aspects of the gaming platform’s store work, including tags, genres, categories, and theme-based browsing pages. In short, a lot of things in the form of a “hub” ie a menu grouping the games.

A hub system for Steam


The main feature of the new update is the fact that these new hubs will be customized specifically based on the user’s gaming history, network of friends, followed developers and everyone’s wishlist . Each hub will also be divided into subcategories. Valve gives the example of the RPG hub which is separated into JRPGs, action RPGs, adventure RPGs, etc. The objective is really to help you find the game of your dreams more easily and to make the search task more pleasant and simple for the user.

Hubs will also display details about why a game is in the player’s hub, including details such as genre, curator system, and general popularity of the game.

Each hub will recommend games based on what you’ve played and which developers you follow on Steam. Of course, if you’re looking at a category of games you’ve never played before, Steam may not be able to generate many useful games.

To access a hub, users will need to click a button from any game’s store page. Popular hubs and recommended hubs will also be discoverable from the homepage of Steam. In short, Steam wants to make your life easier and get your money back more easily.

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