Steam : the resale of games finally possible? French justice has decided

Steam : the resale of games finally possible? French justice has decided

Will the resale of digital games be possible one day? French justice has decided on the case of the platform Steamand players will be disappointed.

You are not ready to be able to resell your dematerialized video games. The question of the opportunity in the shops of the major manufacturers comes up often. To the point that it was even studied by French justice with Steam in his sights. After a favorable decision, the Paris Court of Appeal issued a very different verdict.

Resale of games Steamit’s not for now

If the second-hand market is huge for physical games, it is almost impossible to sell a title purchased on a legal download platform. On Steam, Valve strictly prohibits any user from reselling a title purchased online. UFC-Que Choisir had therefore taken the American giant to court at the end of 2015 on the subject and had won its case before the Paris tribunal de grande instance at the end of 2019. This clause had been considered abusive and the judgment imposed on other platforms the ability to resell digital games. Valve had appealed, and French justice finally ruled in favor of Steam.

In its judgment rendered on Monday, October 24, the Paris Court of Appeal rendered a judgment invalidating this decision. It considers that the said clause was perfectly lawful. She points the finger at the question of copyright, which would suffer from the opening of a digital second-hand market. “ The market for second-hand immaterial copies of video games is likely to affect the interests of copyright holders much more strongly than the market for second-hand computer programs ” ruled the French justice (via LInform).

The UFC-Que Choisir has not yet announced an appeal in cassation. With the rise of subscription game services (Xbox Game Pass, PS Plus Extra), however, it is difficult to imagine that such a resale could see the light of day. However, the question of reimbursement or ownership of games when a platform closes, such as Stadia, seems more pressing.

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