Steam : the autumn sales are finally announced

Steam : the autumn sales are finally announced

Sales Steam it’s kind of the meeting not to be missed when you’re a PC player. That’s good, those of autumn are announced on video.

The next sales Steam will start very soon and, as usual, it will be the opportunity to take advantage of great discounts on big AAA as well as independent games. An opportunity also to unfortunately a little too much heat the bank card.

Steam announces its sales in video

As you can see in the trailer below, the sales are for tonight Tuesday, November 22, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. (French time). And you will have until tuesday november 29 same time to enjoy it.

Like every year, the fall sale is also the time when nominations for Steam Awards are announced. So users will be asked to name their favorite games in a number of categories. Even those who don’t want to spend a penny will still be able to participate in an activity.

Despite the addition of free games via Epic Games Store, difficult to deny the supremacy of the Valve platform in the field. In particular because the sales Steam also allow the most modest among us to still be able to have the opportunity to lay their hands on an expensive AAA game. Sometimes with fairly large offers that can go down to -80%.

In the trailer you can see excerpts from Cyberpunk 2077, stray or V Rising. It is legitimate to think that they will therefore be in the lot of games that will be entitled to a discount.

On your side, what game do you expect for these sales? Steam fall 2022?

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