Steam : keep an eye on your account, pirates are currently acting

account hacking Steam is not something new in itself, but the methods evolve and a very recent and ingenious method is rampant. Take care!

Unfortunately, no one is safe from piracy and it even affects large companies like Valve, which have a hard time stemming new methods of online filibustery. This is how a new scam is taking place on Steam. A phishing method more precisely that seems very effective.

Pay attention to your account Steam


Group-IB, a collective of hackers working for the good of warning users against hacking has just brought to light a new type of scam. This imitates invitations to tournaments, once opened users have their accounts hacked. This new technique, called Browser-In-The-Browser phishing, is particularly dangerous and pernicious. Because it doesn’t just look like a real URL, it’s actually a near-impossible-to-detect perfect copy. More specifically, it seems impossible to distinguish the fake link from the real one just by looking at the details of the page.

Goup-IB specifies all the same that if these windows look like real ones, they do not behave in the same way. For example, it is not possible to move these new windows Steam or to be able to resize them. This test should therefore be effective in separating the true from the false. The problem is that many users just click. You have been warned!

For more details on the subject, you can read group page.

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