Steam Deck : Production is accelerating and so is the list of pre-orders

Steam Deck : Production is accelerating and so is the list of pre-orders

If you have even a distant interest in the console Steam Deck from Valve, you probably know that it is quite difficult to get one. In the future, this may change. This is what we know.

For now, buyers of Steam Deck make a pre-order and have to wait several long months before receiving the console at home. But at Valve, things are accelerating. To the delight of consumers?

Double portion of Steam Deck

It is via the official Twitter account of the console that we learn the news:

Good morning ! Good news on the production front of the Steam Deck. We just sent out the last batch of Q2 emails, and will start sending Q3 reservation emails on the 30th.
Production has resumed, and starting today, we will be shipping more than double Steam Decks every week!

If you’re waiting for your email and haven’t received it yet, give it time to find its way onto the internet. You can also visit the site (by logging in) to check the status of your reservation.

An endless queue?

In detail and taking some information, we can realize that it is not always easy to obtain a Steam Deck. Indeed, a thread on the Reddit forum allows you to follow everything and it is clear that some orders for the summer of 2021 are still not with their owners. All this is obviously linked to the problems of shortages and logistics in China and the various anti-COVID measures that are causing the closure of factories and entire cities.

Are you having problems with your order? Steam Deck ? What is your waiting time? Tell us in comments!

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