Steam Deck : AMD would be working on a V2

For the Steam Deck, we know that AMD has done a lot of specific work for the console chip. And obviously the manufacturer would be working on a second version…

A second Steam Deck would it be in development? Currently, the APU used on the Valve console is a derivative of Van Gogh chips from AMD. But according to Moore’s Law Is Dead (which is a regular leak) AMD would work on a more modern version.

A rumor with a logical basis

Steam Deck : AMD would be working on a V2

The new APU in question would be codenamed Little Phoenix. And surprise, or not, Phoenix Point is a range that was announced a few days ago by the manufacturer. The link is therefore obvious and it would be a new chip derivative specially designed for a new console from Valve. Little Phoenix would therefore be designed around the Zen 4 architecture for the CPU and RDNA 3 for the entire graphics part. A Steam Deck 2.0?

A Steam Deck with more punch

Moore’s Law is Dead speaks explicitly in its video of higher frequencies, namely 2 GHz against 1.6 GHz currently as well as a more efficient memory interface. The chip would also be a bit smaller than the current version.

Finally, Moore’s Law is Dead mentions a release that could take place for 2023/2024. It obviously remains to be taken with a grain of salt but it seems quite consistent to update the console Steam Deck with a new hardware knowing the galloping evolutions in the field on the side of the manufacturers.

Especially since the Steam Deck in addition to being a console is thought of as being a small gaming PC. And a PC… It updates!

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