Steam Deck 2: it’s official, Valve is looking to the future

Steam Deck 2: it's official, Valve is looking to the future

While some are still waiting to take advantage of Valve’s portable console, Gabe Newell is already ready for a Steam Deck 2. The firm thus confirms that it is not a single first attempt.

Last June, Valve was proud to announce an acceleration of the production of Steam Deck to fulfill existing pre-orders and drive new orders. A first model popular enough for future iterations as a Steam Deck 2.

There will be a Steam Deck 2 and beyond

In a pamphlet on the Steam Deck – marked by GamingOnLinux via VGC – Valve ensures that there will be several models in the future and therefore a Steam Deck 2. But the current one will not be abandoned and will have the right to a long-term follow-up.

Steam Deck represents the first model in a new class of portable gaming PCs Steam. Going forward, Valve will follow up this product with hardware and software enhancements and iterations, with the marketing of new versions of the Steam Deck.

Before the Steam Deck 2, maybe Valve will think about several variations like a Pro model. Or even a lower-end, and therefore cheaper, console to compete with the Nintendo Switch? Anything is possible at this point. As said above, Steam Deck and SteamOS will be supported by Valve, which speaks of its machine as a “multigenerational product line”.

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