Steam Deck 2: an even more powerful console/laptop?

Steam Deck 2: an even more powerful console/laptop?

Valve has already confirmed a ” Steam Deck 2” and more if affinities. But will this version really be more muscular? What improvements are planned? The first clues have been given.

After a difficult start following production problems and therefore extended delivery times, Valve was able to resolve these concerns. the Steam Deck is available for all and without waiting (thank you Santa Gabe!). And now ? Place at Steam Deck 2 with the first details from the designers of the machine.

The first information about the Steam Deck 2 or “Pro”

Even before Valve announced a return to normal on deliveries of its portable PC/console, much more powerful than a Nintendo Switch (but also more expensive), Gabe Newell’s company claimed that there would be many new releases.

Steam Deck represents the first model in a new class of portable gaming PCs Steam. Going forward, Valve will follow up this product with hardware and software enhancements and iterations, with the release of new versions of the Steam Deck.


Clear ambitions that are even clearer today. Yes Valve wants one Steam Deck 2, but not to increase raw power. The company prefers to have new similar iterations and maybe improve some weaknesses like the battery. Battery which should be easier to replace by the way since Valve is studying the issue.

Pierre-Loup Griffais, one of the designers, told The Verge:

There is a lot of value in having only this configuration. The fact that all Steam Deck can run the same games allows users to understand what kind of performance level to expect when playing games, and developers to know what to aim for.

I think we are going to opt for maintaining a single level of performance for a little longer, and only consider going beyond it when there is a significant gain.

Pierre-Loup Griffais via The Verge.

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