Steam : a cult free game, but you have to hurry!

Steam : a cult free game, but you have to hurry!

On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of a popular license, Steam offers a free game. But be careful you will have to act quickly because there are only a few days left to download it.

Back to school will be synonymous with gifts for PC gamers. While free Amazon Prime games are available, so are those from theEpic Games Storebehold Steam gets started. On the occasion of a very special anniversary of a 2K franchise, the Valve platform offers a cult game.

Mafia offered on Steam for his 20th birthday

The Mafia series celebrated its 20th anniversary. On August 29, 2022, the 2K license seduced players with its licked universe and its particularly elaborate mafia atmosphere. It was then declined in several opuses, with a certain Mafia 3 which struggled to convince its audience. To properly celebrate this symbolic date, 2K and Steam have decided to make a nice gift to the players: offer the very first Mafia for free.

The users Steam can already download this free game, but beware it will be ephemeral. The title that marked the debut of the license will only be available from 1er to September 5, 2022. Small nuance, it is indeed the game in its original version and not the “Definitive Edition” remake published in 2020. There is however a small problem for those and those who want an experience faithful to the original: some licensed music has been removed. In the news, we also recall that the developers have confirmed they are working on a Mafia 4.

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