Starfield would be absolutely huge, early feedback is dropping

Starfield would be absolutely huge, early feedback is dropping

Bethesda sells it to us as its most ambitious game to date and obviously it’s even more than that. Starfield would have just been tested internally by several lucky little ones and rumors are circulating that the game is totally crazy, well above all expectations. Just that.

Starfield would be huge

According to Youtuber Colt Eastwood, who claims to have had contact with a network of testers who have been able to get their hands on the game at Bethesda, the initial feedback has been excellent.
According to his information, the man declares in a recent podcast XNC that even the most skeptical players were pleasantly surprised, and declared that the game is really huge, “bigger and more ambitious” than expected, even more than Skyrim and Fallout were in their day. Bethesda would not have lied to us, Starfield would be unusual.

Bethesda thinks big

It must be said that the publisher intends to put the package in its new open world. Not content to serve us games with particularly dense universes like Skyrim or Fallout 4, Bethesda hopes this time to show us an entire galaxy with several hundred planets. We are also told of organic and natural events and encounters, the possibility of creating your ship and its crew, and even the possibility of building a base on dry land.

Obviously, the RPG aspect will also be at the center of the experience with the possibility of creating your own character, managing your equipment and enjoying many lines of dialogue. Moreover, the game will also offer us here the possibility of forging links with the various NPCs and factions present in the universe. We can also create a small squad by being accompanied by comrades during our travels. These will have their own character and can also replace us during certain dialogues to open up otherwise inaccessible branches.

So yes, seen from here it seems huge right away, especially when talking about an AAA developed by a huge studio that has already proven itself many times.
Starfield does not yet have a release date, but should see the light of day very quickly if we are to believe the latest rumors. In any case, the game will point the tip of its nose during the first half of the year on Xbox Series and PC, and that’s Bethesda who says it.

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